A Yorkshire digital agency specialising in UX design and digital transformation

We are a digital agency, based near Leeds, that delivers digital products with great UX design.

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Two Boofles sat at a table having a Valentine's Day date. Taken from a 3D animation created by Eden Digital Agency.
Avansce Synchronicity mobile app Rate My Ride page. Mobile app designed and developed by Eden Digital Agency.
The AI Android mobile app designed and developed by Eden Digital Agency. Showing the maps screen with buttons for speech to text AI or keyboard input.
Link Asset Services online ISA log in screen. Mobile app and web app designed and developed by Eden Digital Agency.
Minster Law's INK log in page. This was a web application designed and developed by Eden Digital Agency.
Switch2 Unlocked device search page from the web portal. Web portal designed and developed by Eden Agency, a web development digital agency.

Engaging, clever and user-focused web design and mobile app development

Eden Agency is a team of designers, developers and technology specialists. We thrive on solving your business needs with innovative technology and engaging user experiences. From award-winning AI-powered solutions to highly secure omnichannel fintech platforms, we create products that empower your digital transformation.

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See how we’ve provided excellent user experience in web, mobile, AI and more.

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A simple icon that represents User Experience (UX) design

UX design and UX strategy

For a digital product to be successful, first and foremost it needs to nail the user experience. Careful and considered UX design means that you are building a digital product that the user can use intuitively, resulting in great customer experiences.

To kick your UX strategy off with a bang, we created the Eden Sprint Week, a UX design workshop that encourages digital innovation and assists with gaining stakeholder buy-in. The week-long process starts with a focus on learning and creativity and ends with rapid prototyping.

How can great UX design improve customer experiences?
Various Eden Agency web design and app design concepts, shown through different UX design stages, with sketches, prototypes and final products.

It's been a joy to watch them bring the UX [user experience] design to life. Eden Agency helped us re-imagine how we could present the product and helped us understand what would be best [for the] end user.

IT Director, Capita Asset Services
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Web apps & websites

Commercial websites, customer portals, banking and investment platforms or workflow systems. We build beautiful, functional websites and web apps to the highest security standards and with modern technology.

All of our web applications are built with real-world experience gained over the last 12 years and are done so with you and your user in mind. We design and build entire systems and apps or if you already have a capable in house team we can bring your user experiences up to top standards by leveraging your existing services and APIs with stunning web apps.

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ISO 27001 certified digital agency

Our security is tight. So tight that we are an ISO 27001 certified company (that’s the international standard for information security). We’re also Microsoft Azure specialists and we’ve got a rich history of building highly integrated multi-channel systems.

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