About Eden Agency and The Directors

Creating brilliant digital products, platforms and services since 2007.

People stood around a table that is filled with notes during a UX design sprint

A brief history

Eden Agency started out as two software developers and has grown to a team of almost twenty incredible people. We’re developers and system architects, designers & UX experts, strategists, testers, project and account managers.

We’ve always been early adopters of technology which has driven our growth. Our first mobile application was launched in 2008 and stayed in the top 25 for almost two years. We’ve been creating incredible products with artificial intelligence since 2014 and we’ve been pushing the boundaries of human interfaces with XR since the first Oculus Rift was launched.

Our long history of building enterprise-level systems combined with our love of technology and rich user experiences mean we’re the perfect blend of design & build to trust to create your perfect digital solutions.

If you’d like to know more about what drives us, have a look at our values.

Eden directors Craig and Andy stood together holding a certificate

Meet the directors

Craig Gilchrist & Andy Litherland are the co-founders of Eden Agency. They both have a long history of building digital products having both come from a background of building banking, real estate and retail solutions.

Andy, our managing director, provides the compassion, empathy and support to make sure everyone in Eden’s family is living and working their best lives. He’s the mainstay of the team and looks after the people, security, processes and procedures and allows the rest of us to focus on creating.

Craig, our commercial director, is the driving force behind innovation, technology and strategy at Eden Agency. He's an accomplished tech book author, TED talker and is the one who challenges the company’s strategy and thinking. If there’s a new, better way to solve your problems then Craig will be able to help.

Head of client services

Sophie Hardbattle joined the team in 2014 and now looks after all of Eden’s clients. She is our head of client services and is totally delivery focused. She keeps the team on track during project delivery and always has a clear path to success. Sophie has ensured the successful delivery of a range of highly complex projects.

Saint Michael's Hospice logo

Good deeds (CSR)

Our nominated chosen charity is Saint Michael’s Hospice, down the road from us in Harrogate. They do wonderful work throughout our region and help families make the most out of everyday and there’s nothing more admirable than that.

We’re all really empathetic people here at Eden Agency, but we’re all different too. That’s why we also let the team take a day or two a month of paid leave to help charities that are close to their heart. Whether it be looking after rescued dogs or teaching kids to juggle, we believe the team should impact the local community in ways they feel passionate about.

People sat around a table while one person is presenting their ideas in a UX design sprint

Fancy a job?

We’re always looking for wonderful people to join the team here at Eden Agency. If you’d like to be part of something amazing, then get in touch.


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