Idea development & prototyping

Capita sprint week

The Eden Agency Sprint Week has been developed to identify, analyse and solve the key goal or challenge your company, or more specifically a project, is facing. The result of the sprint week is a prototype and a clear idea of the required solution.

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About the Sprint Week

A Sprint Week is set out over a five day sprint and was inspired by Google Ventures . It encourages all involved to think fast, fail quickly and not get bogged down with over-analysis.

The process is perfect for exploring or proving the concept of any digital product, such as an app, website or chatbot. It is split into two parts: idea development and prototyping.

Sprint week with Next
Sketches from a sprint

Idea development

The first two days are broken up into information gathering, sketching ideas and storyboarding.


Once the initial two days are over, a member of our UX design team (who also facilitated the Sprint Week) will use the findings to create a prototype.

A prototype in Sketch


We’ve been running sprint weeks for over two years now and our clients love them. Here’s some examples of companies that are advocates of the process.


What happens next?

The prototype is a perfect way of gaining feedback from user testing. You can get real life feedback from users interacting with a tangible product.

With a prototype in place, it often cuts down the costs of the design and development phase, as the concept is already in place, requirements have been defined and the design has been approved. Learn more about the next phases of development.