User Experience Design & Strategy

Providing incredible user experiences is our raison d'etre, in fact, our company values state that, “If a product isn’t delightful, it’s not finished yet”. Technology and the way it’s formed shapes how people browse, behave and interact with your business.

Various Eden Agency web design and app design concepts, shown through different UX design stages, with sketches, prototypes and final products.

Great UX Design is the Foundation of a Great Customer Experience

User experiences are important; a positive, memorable user experience can be the difference between a customer advocating for your brand and leaving it completely. A great UX design allows users to navigate through-out your digital product with little confusion or frustration and with plenty of wonderful interactions along the way.

Over the past decade, we’ve honed our craft, workshop and strategy approach to make sure we’re building digital products that are intuitive, powerful and delightful every time. We always test ideas quickly and make sure the ideas we have work by testing with users early, reducing costs and getting reassurances that we’re on the right path. We do all of this via the Eden Sprint Week.

The Eden Design Sprint Week

Sprint Weeks are a five-day process that Eden has been running for over three years. They aim to identify, analyse and solve key challenges or goals. The result of the Sprint Week is a high-fidelity prototype of your digital product. The process is perfect for exploring or proving the concept of any digital product, such as an app, website or chatbot. It is split into two parts: idea development and prototyping. The benefits of a design sprint are as follows:

  • Understanding scope
  • Tackling challenges head on
  • Reduced costs
  • Competitive user experiences
  • Quick turn around
  • Stakeholder buy-in


The first two days are broken up into information gathering, sketching ideas and storyboarding. Once the initial two days are over, a member of our UX design team (who also facilitated the Sprint Week) will use the findings to create a prototype, we use high-fidelity prototypes either using InVision or actually coding a small version of the product.

Finally, it's time to test! This is done in the form of task-driven interviews where your users are asked non-leading questions. Test the theories we created during the sprint week by watching how users interact with the prototype and then ask them questions pertaining to their experience.

We strongly believe in the Design Sprint because we’ve been running them for many years, for clients such as Hillarys, Link Asset Services, Jet2Holidays, Hitachi Finance and Asda.

UX strategy

We’ve got some pretty strong ideas about the best design & build strategy for your digital apps, websites and experiences. We always focus on getting solutions in front of your customers as quickly as possible with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and using it as our vehicle for learning and prioritising your features and development beyond MVP.

We believe there’s so much value in listening to your customers and even using your development roadmap as a PR tool too. There’s no better way to value users than by hearing their ideas and feeding them back quickly with great features.

Our development practices and processes are agile and harbour and promote change during the development in a structured way which doesn’t blow the budget. Scope changes during development are almost always based on user feedback, and that’s a good thing.

We offer various workshops for the development and release of products including:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Content information architecture
  • Branding
  • Conversation analysis (for chatbots)
  • Usability testing & accessibility

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