User experience design & UX strategy

Great UX design is a keystone of a great customer experience. That is why, after over 14 years of web and app design experience, we have made providing incredible user experience our "raison d’être".

Various Eden Agency web design and app design concepts, shown through different UX design stages, with sketches, prototypes and final products.

Why is UX design important?

The digital landscape is vast, it is noisy and it is difficult to stand out amongst your competitors. As users, we are a fickle bunch, if your app or website isn’t delightful and doesn’t offer a user journey that is intuitive, customers will walk and they will probably leave a negative review on their way out to your competitors.

Not thinking about the User Experience (UX) and not putting yourself in the shoes of the end-user, will just set you up for failure. 32% of consumers say they would leave a brand, that they love, after just one bad experience. Nailing the UX will help companies achieve their goals; improve customer experiences, gain better reviews and have better brand positioning in saturated markets.

User-centred design for web, mobile and beyond

Here at Eden, with every project, we emphasise the importance of great UX for your digital products. Early on in the development lifecycle, we get together (usually in a UX design workshop) and flesh out any ideas for how you need your users to interact with your digital product. Designs are then created by our in-house UX specialists and are enriched by your users during a phase of pre-development testing.

Customer journey mapping

What do you want your users to achieve when they come to your website? The answer may be, to have them converted into a paying customer. A digital product with good UX design would have this goal realised in as few steps as possible, with the user being armed with all the information they need along the way. In our Information Architecture (IA) sessions, we seek to hone and perfect the user journey; we map the necessary page structure, sitemap and user flow in a matter of days. After a UX design sprint or IA session, we can begin the development with well thought out and structured UX designs in place.

UX strategy & UX development

We’ve got some pretty strong ideas about the best design & build strategy for your mobile apps, websites and experiences. We always focus on getting solutions in front of your customers as quickly as possible. We do this by initially releasing with an MVP, a Minimum Viable Product. An MVP is a fully functional production version of your digital product, it usually only includes the essential features. This strategy gets your product to your customers quickly; you can gather feedback and really get those critical features right. The MVP is the vehicle for learning about your user base, it helps you prioritise your features and set a roadmap for future development.

Agile project management

We use an agile development methodology because it gives us the ability to work in a flexible way. We can adapt quickly to any requirement changes from our clients. Changes in scope during development are almost always based on user feedback, which means any changes are for the betterment of the user experience, which we’re all for.

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