Bespoke Web Design and Development

Commercial websites, customer portals, banking and investment platforms or workflow systems. We build beautiful, functional websites and web apps to the highest security standards and with modern technology.

Various Eden Agency web design & development projects are shown in a collage

All of our web applications are built with real-world experience gained over the last 12 years and are done so with you and your user in mind. We design and build entire systems and apps or if you already have a capable in house team we can bring your user experiences up to top standards by leveraging your existing services and APIs with stunning web apps.

Web design consultancy & discovery

Whether you’re after a website to promote your business or a portal that allows your customers and staff to interact with your products and services, we build with your goals in mind.

Our information architecture workshops are great for getting under the skin of your customers and users, helping to create content and workflows for informational or e-commerce sites. Our Sprint Week is Eden Agency’s iteration of the GV Design Sprint. We use the process to help clients overcome challenges, achieve goals and nail the user experience for any digital product.

During our scoping and research we always ensure we really get to know your business capabilities and learn from your subject matter experts about what you want to achieve and combine it with our extensive design, development and user experience expertise to make sure we’re creating products that provide the largest return on investment and satisfaction for your customers.

User experience

The Design Sprint has been created to encourage digital innovation but with less risk for our clients. It is a week-long process that starts by focusing on learning and creativity and ends with rapid prototyping.

Ultimately, it is a UX workshop that allows digital products to be properly defined, scoped and tested before development commences. The sprint helps to reduce spend and deliver products quickly. It allows our clients to better understand their priorities, what works and what doesn't without having months of development before hand.

The infographic below shows this process in full. The Sprint Week can be used at the start of each phase of development, to continuously learn and grow the product in a smart way. The design sprint encourages clients to be customer/client focused and get proof of concept right at the start of the phase.


All of our sites are designed around user needs, platforms and devices. Everything we build works perfectly across any device, smartphones, tablets, computers and even platforms like smart TVs and gaming consoles.

We build the best user experience based on testing and feedback, and more recently with artificial intelligence to provide personalised, relevant experiences based on usability and user satisfaction with algorithms that learn about driving content based on behaviour.

With Eden, you will be rewarding your customers and users with perfect, seamless interactions every time.


There are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Technology changes fast but we always build the right architecture, front end technology and content strategy with your goals in mind.

We prefer to deliver sites and applications on serverless architecture to allow rapid and automated scalability and our team develop most web-apps as single-page applications using Angular or React. Nearly all of the web apps and sites we build now are progressive web apps that combine the best of web and mobile apps with features such as push notifications and offline content.

Integrating with your existing APIs and complex system architecture is something we’ve always excelled in and where we originally cut our teeth back in 2008, so if you’re looking for a team to build tightly integrated web applications, you’ve come to the right place.

When we’re building content-based websites from the ground up, we prefer to use our own headless content management platform and design content models to fit your needs. If you’re already running a CMS strategy then we’ve worked with Umbraco, Joomla, WordPress and infinite other platforms.

For content-based websites, we also make sure the on-page content and site structure is created with SEO in mind by ensuring the code, metadata, sitemaps and rich schema content is created and included in the content models to make sure your site is visible to search engines and is portrayed in the best light.

ISO 27001 Compliant Security

The cost of a security breach to your business and customers in the time of GDPR is immeasurable, add to that the PR damage of manic media coverage and you can see why many companies don’t recover from their systems being compromised.

As an ISO 27001 certified company, you can be sure that your website or web application has the highest levels of security implemented from our coding practices to our hosting and architecture strategies.

Security forms part of our system design, it’s never an afterthought and always given the highest priority.


Here at Eden, we have made it a requirement to ensure every one of our products is inclusive to all. We have taken steps to make sure certain accessibility is baked into our workflow, from start to finish. This includes:

  • advising our clients on best practices;
  • applying accessibility principles during the design and development phases;
  • checking code and testing at various points of the development phase.

We believe websites should be available for all to access, no matter their capability. At least one in 5 people in the UK have a long term illness, impairment or disability. This figure doesn’t take into account the number of people with a temporary disability. Making websites that conform to best practices not only enables those with disabilities to navigate your site with ease, it can also increase ease of usability among those without a disability. A win-win scenario for everybody.

Case Studies

Take a look at our successful web design and development projects

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