News DIT & FCO International FinTech Mission Feb 28, 2019

Recently our New Business Manager Bridie spoke at the DIT & FCO International FinTech Mission to announce our new partnership with FinTech North.

DIT & FCO International FinTech Mission

The International FinTech Mission was led by the Department for International Trade (DIT) and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), and was financed with Northern Powerhouse prosperity funding. The event spanned across three days in three different cities (Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds) and companies were invited by White Cap Consulting to pitch to the attending FinTechs about how they can overcome business challenges.

The Leeds event, which was hosted by Barclays is where our New Business Development Manager took to the stage. Bridie spoke about the our design sprints to over 150 attendees and also made a very special announcement...

Eden Agency are partnering with FinTech North

This summer, we’re going to join up with FinTech North to host a one day design sprint competition. 24 lucky participants will be randomly split into three teams and will partake in a condensed Sprint Week. The winning team gets their storyboard turned into a fully functioning, high-fidelity prototype. We’ll give you more information soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Bridie's FinTech Pitch (transcript)

Here's the transcript from Bridie's 5 minute talk...

We all know the banking industry is changing at lightning speed. It’s an age of massive transformation, and we’re all here to help each other through this journey.

According to McKinsey, the widespread adoption and use of digital finance will release $3.7 trillion a year in new productivity by 2025.

For financial service providers, the cost of offering customers digital accounts is 80-90% lower than using physical branches.

However, according to Skinner, 94% of people in leadership teams in large financial organisations have no tech experience.

That’s where Eden Agency can come in. With so many opportunities, how do you decide what ideas to invest in? Well, it’s simple. Great products and services that solve needs your clients have. But how do you know what these needs are? And how do you know how to solve these needs? Well, the answer is to adopt a customer-centric approach to your digital transformation to stay ahead of the competition.

I’d like to take this opportunity today to talk to you about Design Sprints to address specific industry challenges your company might be facing.

Today is more of an announcement rather than a sales pitch, as we’re here to share our digital knowledge with you to help overcome these questions.

We’re Eden Agency...and we’d like to announce that this summer we’re going into partnership with FinTech North to facilitate some design sprints and we’d love you to be involved. Now if you’ve got no idea what I’m talking about, design sprints are based on Jake Knapp’s Sprint. It’s all about the art of the possible, and how to solve big problems and test new ideas in 5 days. Design Sprints allow you to prototype and validate potential digital products and processes in under a week. However, we’re hosting one day workshops which will give you an insight into how this all works and how you can implement this into your company. Design Sprints combine business strategy, behavioural science, design thinking and rapid prototyping into a powerful shortcut to answering your questions. The aim is to decide on a design or product in preparation for building a prototype which will be available for testing, so you can get feedback from users before you take the plunge. Design sprints help you save thousands of pounds and hundreds of working hours. Think of it like product development on steroids. By doing design sprints, you’re essentially compressing months of designing, building, launching and iterating into a few short days. Well, in this case one day.

The most recent developments to come from our sprints are Signal Invest and The Fund Management Centre, both for Link Asset Services. Signal Invest came on the back of when Terry Smith asked Link to launch a new fund IPO, quickly. We built and launched this in 5 weeks. Signal Invest enables corporate investors, retail investors and advisors to subscribe for shares and track progression. David Kilmartin at Link commented: “Signal Invest not only speeds the process of submitting an application for investors, it also brings a wealth of real-time information for our clients too; the Smithson Investment Trust has been able to analyse demand for shares in real time”.

We designed and built The Fund Management Centre (FMC) which is an omni-channel solution. The FMC allows investors to manage their assets seamlessly online, on mobile, and through conversational AI with an Alexa skill. The FMC is an industry first and has given Link incredible leverage over their competitors and has enthused Link’s investment manager customers.

So to sum up, Eden Agency are going into partnership with FinTech North this summer to host a one day design sprint. This is aimed at anyone in the financial industry who would like an insight into designing and building bespoke customer-centric digital solutions. There will be one topic (maybe Open Banking), one brief, but endless possibilities. The winner of the best design on the day will win a prototype.