Views January 2016 campaigns - The weird, wacky and wonderful Apr 13, 2016

Take a look at our top 5 marketing campaigns of January 2016!

Eeek.. another month down. Time flies right?

January 2016 started off with a bang at Eden offices - new clients, new faces and big promises of all round healthier eating (i’ve stopped bringing in samosas).

January was also the month for some epic campaigns from major brands, my top 5 listed below:

1.Netflix and Chill

Although the term had to be recently explained to me (I’m clearly not a millennial), it seems as though many brands have jumped on the bandwagon. My favourite term utilisation has to be from a budding entrepreneur - Tom Galle - who saw an opportunity and grabbed it. He’s listed his own apartment as the ultimate ‘Netflix & Chill Room’ on Airbnb. Genius.

Fancy booking it? Check it out here:

Tom Galle's 'Netflix and Chill Room' on AirBnB
Tom Galle's 'Netflix and Chill Room' on AirBnB

2. Barbie gets real

So… I’m not ashamed to admit it. I had a Barbie growing up. Cindy too. Might also have had some random cheap doll provided by my Grandma. Either way, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Matell launched three new body types and seven skin tones in January, reflecting a more realistic approach to women’s body shapes and encouraging a healthier attitude for young children. After 27 years, it was certainly time to give her a complete overhaul.

Not only did Barbie and Matell achieve overwhelming press attention, they also combined various online and offline channels including exclusive events with celebrities.

Check out their Twitter feed for some great content:

New Barbie models reflecting a more realistic approach to women's body shapes
New Barbie models reflecting a more realistic approach to women's body shapes

3. Land Rover gets social

Love this campaign. I’m a big fan of experiential marketing and if done well, it can have a great impact on social and PR. The ‘Hibernot’ campaign has been running for a while now and although already a great campaign, the introduction of live Instagram filters was pure genius.

Using the longstanding campaign tagline to ‘see winter differently’, they used strategically placed digital billboards to capture real time footage of city landscapes and add typical Instagram filters as people walked by.

The campaign strategy has garnered attention by using a number of channels with serious consideration to visual impact. After all, if you are going to combine social, web and experiential, you are bound to create an impact!

Fancy an adventure? Visit their site for ideas on trails and events:

Land Rover's Hibernot campaign shown on city billboard
Land Rover's Hibernot campaign shown on city billboard

4. Domino’s nails Snapchat.

Brand experts at leveraging social media channels- Dominos was the first brand to implement ‘tweet to eat’ in 2015. Now, with the growing interest in Snapchat, Domino’s is yet again launching targeted campaigns on the budding channel for millennial’s. Aptly called ‘Dough to Door’, the brand shared a story for 24 hours focussing on the trials and retributions of a delivery driver. Within the short clip, viewers were shown a series of letters that created a unique discount code.

I mean, who doesn't love pizza?

Dough to Door Snapchat campaign advert from Dominos
Dough to Door Snapchat campaign advert from Dominos

5. Humanising Porn

This isn't really a campaign. Its more of an observation of their marketing strategy. Believe it or not, PornHub is getting really smart with how they make porn more approachable. Their regular release of statistics and piggy-backing of events has us all talking about their site and plausible terminology which i shouldn't really mention on here! Needless to say, my mother would be embarrassed.

One of their most recent revelations was ‘SnowZilla’. They found that during Storm Jonas, there was a ‘increased swelling of users’ online. Meaning, the storm drove people inside and, ahem, kept them busy.

PornHub SnowZilla campaign
PornHub SnowZilla campaign

Have I missed an epic campaign? Let me know if there is another that deserves to be on the list!

By Sarrah Ahmed.