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  • Cutting emissions with a web portal and mobile app for Air1 AdBlue

Cutting emissions with a web portal and mobile app for Air1 AdBlue

Mobile apps and websites for AdBlue and SCR system information and purchase locations

Looking outside the window of a car going around a corner at high speed

Air1 AdBlue are a licensed manufacturer and distributor of AdBlue products and are part of the Yara family. We’ve worked with Yara on various digital products and offerings around farming and agriculture and so we were delighted to be asked to work with their transport and industry brand Air1.

Most new trucks, buses, coaches and vans have been equipped with SCR technology, since 2005 and so we were asked to build an iOS and Android app back in 2008 which helped drivers find their nearest distributor.

In 2016 legislation was extended to personal diesel vehicles. Most customers didn’t realise their vehicle needed AdBlue until the engine warning light notified them it needed filling up, resorting to confusing vehicle owners handbooks. Air1 asked us to help.

The brief: Build a website which gives customers vehicle model-specific details about filling up their AdBlue tank and where to find AdBlue.

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