Li & Fung

Li & Fung have engaged Eden Agency on various assignments. Their latest and greatest project allows real-time handling of millions of daily RFID interactions for an infinite possibility of retail solutions.

The brief

Catalyst, a Li & Fung company, is world known for EAS security systems for retailers. Their newest set of products provide a hot-pluggable and modular set of RFID products which give new models for security, engagement and tracking to retailers.

Eden Agency was engaged to provide the digital services which allow customers to build their own digital solutions for their real business needs.

The solution

Eden Agency designed, architected and developed Proximity. The solution is an API-first solution which allows retailers to provide business rules, triggers and outputs for any RFID event.

The nature of the massively varied customers means that customer needs are also very different. The customer base ranges from Saville Row Tailors with an average transaction value of over £10,000 to high-volume high-throughput retailers. Catalyst required an adaptable solution to cater for all these needs.

Rules engine

To facilitate the different use-cases that Catalyst's customers wish to perform, the solution is built on top of a powerful bespoke rules engine. From simple requirements such as SMS integration with RFID security gates to complex ERP solutions, the trigger-based rules system can cater for any requirement without new development.

The application can provide conditional logic to output to webhook, SMS, FTP or e-mail.

API-first service-bus architecture

We build all multifaceted solutions, such as this one, API first. We leveraged Azure CosmosDB, Azure App Services and Azure service bus to ensure that every single element of the application was independently scalable. Given the nature of the product it needed to handle millions of transactions per day whilst providing adaptability and varied use of the metadata of the products attached to the RFID events.

The service bus enables us to expand on the product with zero downtime and allows us to easily incorporate new hardware into the solutions. This is so Catalyst and their customers aren't ever limited by technology.

Proximity portal allows interactive triggers based on any RFID event.


The resulting application is a durable, powerful and scalable product. It allows Catalyst to design and build RFID solutions to any customer requirements without the need for additional development costs according to our core values.

Our experience of working with Eden has always been enjoyable and rewarding. The team are knowledgeable and bring dynamic and innovative solutions to the table. When developing our RFID date platform (‘Proximity’) Craig had a clear vision of the solution and was persistent and persuasive in his view against some initial opposition within our own business. I have to say that Craig was proved to be right and I am glad that he stuck by his guns to deliver a robust and scalable solution. Working against tight deadlines the Eden team were at all times friendly and professional and I see them as a natural partner even as they look to ‘bake themselves out’ of solutions.

Mark Hough Vice President of Commercial Operations