Minster Law

Minster Law required a solution to streamline the small claims process and automate answers to standard customer queries.

Minster Law Small Claims portal showcase image

The brief

Minster Law are Yorkshire based solictors who specialise in personal injury support and accidents involving a vehicle or motorcycle. Due to reforms in legislation, changes needed to be made to streamline small claims processes and maximise profitability.

The solution

At its core, the solution is an API for the processing of small claims. It has a focus on maximising and automating communication with the customer through chatbot technology.

Sprint Week

We began the process with an Eden Agency Sprint Week. The aim was to decide on a solution that would be simple and easy to use whilst maintaining a quality level of education, engagement and care. The result of the sprint was a prototype of the portal that was used for testing with the general public. Feedback was generally positive with some minor changes to take into account for version one.

The web portal

The Minster Claims solution is a responsive web portal and social media communication platform. The aim of the platform is to allow the customer to take control of their case.

The portal provides the customer with timely case-related information and is a hub for all received and sent documentation. The customer can view an overview of their case, view accident/case details, book medicals and view the findings of the medical report.

MIA chatbot

The Minster Interactive Assistant (MIA) chatbot provides an engaging interactive experience and ease of access for customers. It does this by allowing them to communicate via a chatbot on channels and apps that the customer may already have on their device such as Facebook Messenger.

Customer's can communicate with MIA to quickly receive answers or get updates on their case. They can do this using their natural language (for example, "What is the status of my case?") and without having to email or phone up the solicitors, therefore saving time and resource for Minster Law.


The solution has enabled Minster Law to maximise their case volume and profits whilst allowing for the mechanisation and division of labour of the customers legal case.