Neue Schule

Avansce, a Neue Schule Group company, required a solution to accompany their patented horse riding hardware Synchronicity™.

A screenshot of the Avansce Synchronicity application developed by Eden Agency

The brief

Synchronicity™ from Avansce is an electronic equestrian performance monitoring and personal development system for riders.

Avansce required a solution that allowed users to interact with the hardware through their mobile phone. Users needed to be able to record ride data from the hardware and receive a score on the app. A web portal was also required for riders, tutors and Avansce admin.

The solution

We kicked off the project with a Sprint Week, to define the requirements of the mobile app. We explored different possible functionality, such as a Pay-As-You-Ride (PAYR) feature, social elements and the core ride scoring functionality.

From the results of the Sketch Week, we were able to split the project into two deliverables: iOS and Android apps and a web portal.

The web portal

We build all multifaceted solutions, such as this one, API first. This provides a channel-agnostic solution that allows for future growth. The functionality built in the API then powers the web portal and mobile apps.

Mobile app

To maximise the potential audience engagement, it was decided that iOS and Android applications were required. Due to the nature of performing low-level BLE functionality within the apps, we recommended building these natively.


A suite of mobile and web app products that go further than Avansce first imagined and that now lie at the core of their business model.

Our project needed a wide range of expertise and Eden Agency provided that entirely from their on-site staff. We were confident of close attention to project management throughout. In addition, Eden brought features and functionality in digital marketing to our online product that we could not even have conceived of. We chose Eden Agency because we recognised that they could deliver the project fully in consultation with us and to a reliable project plan.

Graham Cross CEO of Avansce