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  • Detecting crop deficiencies with imagery in an iOS & Android app for Yara

Detecting crop deficiencies with imagery in an iOS & Android app for Yara

Using image analysis, geography and environmental factors to determine crop deficiencies in a mobile app - Yara ImageIT

A green tractor ploughing fields of grain

Yara help farmers determine the biomass and nitrogen intake of cereals and oil-seed with their hardware kit called N-Tester and they also make tractor-mounted variable rate sensor and dispenser technology called N-Sensor which spreads fertiliser variably to the crops which need it most.

They’ve invested heavily for decades in the technology and understanding nitrogen in crops through imagery and so it was a simple deduction to expose some of that capability through mobile apps, that farmers can use with their own camera phone.

The brief: Build a mobile app which allows farmers to detect nitrogen deficiencies in their crops and help them increase yield with the right Yara product.

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